Updated: Jan 30

Dear Church Family,

We are now almost 40 days from Christmas Day as we prepare to celebrate the feast of Candlemas (the actual date is 2nd February). Traditionally, Candlemas is where churches bless the candles they are going to use for the coming year and where we reflect on Christ being “presented” to God in the temple as was the tradition of the times with the first-born son. The end of this 40-day period marks the closing of the Christmastide season. At Candlemas, we are taken into the temple in Jerusalem, where we see a scene played out between the 6-week-old Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Simeon, and Anna.

Under the law, Mary was considered unclean for 40 days after she had given birth to her son. This was the first time she had been able to attend the temple and she would have done so to enable her to become ritually clean again. Following this, Jesus was then taken to the temple to be “consecrated before the Lord” (Exodus 2:23), as was the custom with all first-born boys of this age.

Anna was an old lady of around 84 who had been widowed for most of her life. Luke 2 tells us that she was a prophetess who never left the temple. She spent her time worshipping God, praying, and fasting. She immediately recognises Jesus as the one who will redeem the world, the promised Messiah, and starts to tell everyone about it. Anna is an example of what a devoted life can look like. As Christians, we are called to have a relationship with God the Father, through Jesus Christ with The Holy Spirit being present within us so we can listen to what God is saying. Anna did just this; she spent her time listening to God and guess what? She heard God and, over time, built up a reputation as being someone who knew the Lord. Remember that Anna is a widow in her later years and as such would have had a difficult existence. In the society of the time, she would have held little standing. But what we see her doing is spending time with her Lord, day in day out: faithfulness is what she displayed. God spoke and she listened – she did all this without the status, wealth, or power so many of think we need to be recognised.

An ordinary woman did an extraordinary thing; she recognised the Messiah and then went and told people about Him. Remember that God wants to use you in the same way.

After Church Zoom Coffee

It was fantastic fun to gather with some of you on Zoom after last week’s service. Having the chance for a chat and a bit of fun together is something I wish we had instigated earlier. Please do join in with the Zoom coffee after this week’s service.

The Zoom meeting will open immediately after the Facebook Livestream finishes (usually around 10.30 am). All you need is the login details below, (these will be the same every week) and the drink of your choice!

The details to enter into the Zoom app, or on the Zoom website ( are:

Meeting ID: 838 5492 4560 Password: nicecuppa

I look forward to seeing you after church!

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