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Easter Blessings!

April 8, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters


A very happy Easter to you and all whom you love!  As we enter the 4th month of the year, we have much to be thankful for.  The cold weather and dark nights are finally giving way to their warmer, lighter counterparts -  allowing gardens to blossom and bloom and patio furniture to emerge from sheds and garages once more.  All these things act as a reminder that we can now put down the penitential season of Lent and celebrate the victory Jesus won over sin and death and look to the coming season knowing that we are loved and redeemed. 


As our year of prayer continues, I’d like to draw your attention to “Thy Kingdom Come”, a global prayer movement taking place between Ascension and Pentecost, (Thursday 10th May -  Sunday 20th May 2018) which is supported by both our Archbishops. 


In a letter to all Church of England clergy last November, the Archbishops wrote,


“In July (2017) the General Synod of the Church of England clearly expressed the view that we should continue to set these ten days aside to pray, ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. It has been a great joy to see the Church engage in prayer for the coming of God’s Kingdom, and for our proclamation, witness and service in the wider world.


The reason we write is twofold:


  1. To encourage you to do all you can to enable your community to participate in Thy Kingdom Come 2018.

  2. To invite you, in response to all that was prayed this year, to consider what you might be called to do. We ask ourselves in faith – how can we allow God to use us in answer to our prayers?”


The 10 days of prayer are something that I would like us to commit to as a parish, not just so that we might discern God’s call on our ministry here in Hutton but also that we might join the wider church in praying “Thy Kingdom Come” for our country.  Practically speaking the 10 days will ask us to focus on the following 4 areas of ministry and evangelism:

  1. Contact - Who do we already know?

  2. Nurture - How can we help people move towards considering Christ?

  3. Commitment – How can we help people take the next step in their faith journey?

  4. Growth – Ongoing Christian discipleship.

We will start the 10 days with a service of Holy Communion and Prayers on Ascension Day (Thursday 10th May) at 8pm in All Saints church.  There will also be a Messy Church on Friday 18th May from 3.15pm in St Peter’s and we will finish the 10 days with some special Pentecost Sunday services.  And of course, you can also commit to praying each day yourself – you don’t always need to come to church to pray!  This video should provide more information:





Please note that the Annual Parochial Church Meeting takes place this year on Sunday 22nd April in St Peter’s Church at 11.15am.  It will follow the Parish Communion service at 9.30am, also at St Peter’s.  This is your opportunity to help direct and shape the ministry of the parish as we elect the new PCC, report on the last year, share vision, ask questions and pray together.  Children’s activities and a crèche will be provided.  Please note that there will be no services at All Saints on this day as it is important we gather as one church community for this meeting.



This letter will also be available online at or on the Facebook page, Here you can keep up to date with parish life as well as subscribe to my blog for regular updates too. Do also have a look at for more information on the 10 days of prayer.


I do hope to see you over the coming month and I pray that as spring emerges you will continue to be reminded of Christ’s resurrection power and the hope this holds for each of us.


With every blessing,


Fr Andy +

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