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Three Congregations,

Two Buildings, One Parish

We are a church that wants to make the love of Jesus Christ known to the people of Hutton.  We do this through prayer, worship, and serving the needs of our community.

  • We meet on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 9 am using Facebook Live to pray together for the needs of the world and the parish - all are welcome to join in. 

  • We believe that Jesus is made known through His Word and through the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.   Join us on a Sunday at either of our services and also on a Wednesday morning as we worship together.

  • We are a church that is actively involved in serving our local community.  Six mornings a week we distribute food to anyone who wants to collect from St Peter's. We also run regular youth and children's work, school's ministry, Bible study groups, nursing homes ministry, and the Daily Bread Cafe every Tuesday and Friday in St Peter's Hall are all part of a typical week here in Hutton. 

We also want to encourage all who attend regularly to get involved in supporting or setting up new areas of mission and ministry.  If you would like to help at one of our groups or have an idea that can develop our prayer, worship and service then please speak to Andy or contact the office here.  

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