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Thinking of Getting Married in Church? 

Congratulations on your engagement!

We'd love to help you plan a beautiful church wedding in either of our parish churches.  

For more information about how you can qualify, please contact and our Weddings Coordinator, Annie, will get in touch with you.


With every blessing,




Father Andy Smith

Rector of All Saints and St Peter's, Hutton


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Frequently asked questions


Can I marry in church?

Yes you can marry in a Church of England church regardless of your beliefs, whether or not you have been christened or whether you have been a regular churchgoer. 

Because getting married gives you a whole new legal status with many benefits, there are considerations for the Rector to make in both UK civil and church law. There are some basic requirements but there could be complications if:

● One or both of you is a national from a country that is outside the European Economic Area.

Special procedures apply to the legal preparations for these marriages, to protect and celebrate those which are genuine and to help prevent those which are not.
● If one or both of you has been married before. Special procedures apply.
● Although same-sex marriage legislation has changed, it remains the case that it is not legally possible for same-sex couples to marry in the Church of England.


What if I don’t live in the area or a have connection to the parish?

You can habitually attend either of our Hutton parish churches, for a minimum of six consecutive months (twice a month) before we can read your Banns of Marriage (read two months before your wedding).   Banns are how we grant you permission to marry. 


You may need a marriage license if:

● One or both of you are British but live abroad.
● One or both of you live in the UK but your home is not in England or Wales.
● Your home address is likely to change during the time when banns would normally be read out.
● Your wedding date is too soon to allow enough time for banns to be read.

In these kinds of circumstances, you may need a Common Licence, A Special Licence, or a Superintendent Registrar’s Marriage Schedule. Get in touch with us and we can talk through your requirements.

Do we need to notify the council or get a registrar?

No this is not necessary, as you are marrying in a church by a member of the clergy.

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