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We welcome enquiries about arranging baptisms in our churches from families who live in the parish.  Bookings may be made via the Parish Office.

Children Praying

Arranging your Child’s Baptism

If you live in Hutton, we are pleased to welcome an enquiry about arranging baptism (christening) for you, your baby or child. To arrange this, please contact the Parish Office . We cannot normally baptise children whose family live outside the parish unless the parent(s) worship regularly at Hutton. There are no fees for Baptism services, although donations towards the work of the church are welcome, and a collection will be taken at the end of the service.

Baptisms take place at both of our churches on Sunday mornings: 9.30am at St Peter's and 11.15am at All Saints. 

Choosing your godparents

Each child should normally have at least three godparents: ideally two of the same sex as the child and one of the opposite sex. There may not be more than six godparents. All godparents must be baptised (christened). Godparents should usually be over 18 - please consult Fr Andy or Revd Alice in advance if you are considering younger godparents. Details of the godparents' baptism must be provided on the application form. We do allow unbaptized people to stand as sponsors - please speak to Fr Andy or Revd Alice to find out more about this.  

Baptism Preparation

A week or two before the Baptism, the priest or a member of our baptism team, will contact the parent(s) and arrange to visit at home and to meet your son/daughter. The visitor - a member of the clergy team or a regular member of our congregation - will explain the service in more detail, and answer any questions you may have. These visits are friendly, relaxed and informal, and designed to help you understand and enjoy your child's baptism

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