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Serving Role

Daily Bread Café volunteer

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Cleaning Role

Daily Bread Café volunteer


Kitchen Duty

Daily Bread Café volunteer

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  • Serve the public with free tea, coffee and cake from a trolly using thermo jugs, disposable cups and plates

  • Replenish the trolly when necessary, making the tea and coffee in the jugs and ensuring there is always a good selection of cakes and pastries

  • Ensuring that customers are served promptly after they are seated

  • Dispose of any unused drinks and food at the end of the session

  • Clean down the trolly with anti-bacterial spray and paper towels

Key Skills required

  • Must be able to take orders from people and deliver what they ask for

  • Must be able to understand and articulate the limits of what is on offer.  i.e. 1 drink, 1 cake.

  • Must be able to notice when new customers arrive and serve accordingly

  • Should be personable and polite and comfortable with interacting with members of the public

Serving Role

Daily Bread Café volunteer


Everyone we meet through the food hub and the café will be treated with kindness and respect.

We will carry out our assigned duties in line with guidelines and the Daily Bread ethos.

Keys and door code

We will keep a list of those who are given access to keys and the door code. Those with this responsibility will not pass on keys or door code to anyone else without the agreement of one of the Daily Bread leadership team


Drop off times

Collections can only be dropped off at St Peter’s between 8.30-10pm Monday to Saturday and 4-5.30pm on Sundays when packers are available to receive donations.

Deliveries to the premises at any other times will be by arrangement with Daily Bread Leaders only.


Lone working

No one should be working alone on the premises unless it is completely unavoidable. If someone is first to arrive for a session they must keep door locked until next volunteer arrives. If carrying out duties alone (cleaning etc) volunteers must let a DB leader know they are on the premises and check in with them every hour.


Confidentiality and Data protection

Personal information we provide as volunteers will be kept in a confidential file and accessed only by the DB leadership team as and when necessary.

Any information relating to service users that we are party to during the operation of the food hub and café will be regarded as confidential and not shared with anyone outside the organisation.


Daily Bread Leadership team: Lisa Whymark, Tracey Jenkins, Cheryl Benson, Christine Bennett, Michelle Yarwood

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