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Covid updates - December 2021

Dear Church Family,

I am writing to you this week to give an update on the current situation around the COVID-19 restrictions and the how it affects us in the church as we head into the Christmas Season.

The first thing to say is that there are no new restrictions that will impact on what we are currently doing. Mask wearing is church is still not mandatory, social distancing is not required and the use of track and trace is still voluntary. After some conversations this week, we have decided that keeping the church open for Advent and Christmas worship is our priority this month and have taken some small steps to ensure that we can do this without falling fowl of a 10-day shutdown. One of these things has been to postpone the PCC and Volunteers Christmas Party until early next year in order to protect the teams that keep the parish running. Clearly, there are no guarantees that we will be able to proceed with all our plans at this time, but please read the following in order to best prepare for church events and services in the coming weeks.

1. Spread Out! We have slightly reduced the number of seats in the “church end” at St Peter’s, to allow better movement during services. There will be additional rows of seating in the hall and Children’s Church will continue to meet at the kitchen end of the building.

2. Please continue to follow the 1-way loops at both churches – come forward up the central aisle and return to your seat via a side aisle.

3. Mask wearing is encouraged as you move around the building. The Clergy will wear masks or face shields as they distribute Holy Communion.

4. Use the hand gel provided as you enter the church and before you receive Holy Communion.

5. You may have your temperature checked on you way into church – particularly before one of the busier festive services.

6. Please sign in as you enter the church or use the NHS track and Trace App to register your attendance.

7. Sign Up! If you want to attend the Beer and Carols event or the Christmas Eve Christingle then you need to book –

I hope to see you over the next few weeks as we celebrate Advent and Christmas together. Do continue to hold one another in prayer as well as praying that all our worship and time together in the next month or would be safe and free from any Covid outbreaks. If you are willing, I would also encourage you to book your booster vaccine if you haven’t done so already.

With every blessing,

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