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Hutton Parish Pew Sheet for Sunday 30th July: Trinity 8

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Continuing with publishing a blog post each week for the Sunday services please see details below.

As previously mentioned this is to improve both our comms and environmental impact, we hope to carry on with a small weekly update that includes the notice sheet into your inbox ahead of the Sunday service. Ideally, as many of you as possible will be happy to receive your pew sheet in this form and we can save on printing and paper costs/use in the coming months. Of course, we will still provide printed sheets for those in the parish who require them and rely on them being delivered to them each week. Sunday Morning:

Our readings for the 8th Sunday after Trinity are: 1 Kings 3.5–12

Psalm 119.129–136 Romans 8.26–end Matthew 13.31–33, 44–52 Collect Prayer: Almighty Lord and everlasting God,

we beseech you to direct, sanctify and govern both our hearts and bodies

in the ways of your laws and the works of your commandments;

that through your most mighty protection, both here and ever,

we may be preserved in body and soul;

through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,

who is alive and reigns with you,

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God, now and for ever. Post Communion Prayer: Strengthen for service, Lord,

the hands that have taken holy things;

may the ears which have heard your word be deaf to clamour and dispute;

may the tongues which have sung your praise be free from deceit;

may the eyes which have seen the tokens of your love shine with the light of hope;

and may the bodies which have been fed with your body be refreshed with the fullness of your life;

glory to you for ever. Upcoming Dates

This week: Sunday 30th July - 8th after Trinity

Holy Communion will be live-streamed at 9.30am from St Peter’s on 9.30am: St. Peter’s Holy Communion 11.15am: All Saints’ Holy Communion This week: Monday - Saturday 10.00 -12 midday Food Collection at St Peter’s Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9.00am Morning Prayer in the Daily Bread Cafe. No online Morning Prayer during August.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9.30-12.30 Daily Bread Café Wednesday 9.30am Holy Communion at All Saints’ Next Sunday: 6th August - The Transfiguration of our Lord 9.30am Holy Communion at St. Peter’s 11.15am Holy Communion at All Saints’ Notices CEW Our Summer Praise on Sunday 16th July was the final CEW Service. This service and time slot has been a wonderful opportunity to explore contemporary sung worship, particularly through the early months after the lockdowns eased. But it is time for a change after 3 years as we continue to seek God's direction for us as a parish and gather for worship in new ways. We will continue to host seasonal contemporary worship spaces at Advent, Easter and other times. Watch this space for further details of next steps and opportunities in the Autumn. [Rev Deacon] Alice Smith Hutton Parish 07729-399009 Food Hub Our food hub shelves are looking rather empty at the moment. Any contributions of non-perishable foods would be very greatly appreciated. There is a trolley available for donations. Thank you. With every blessing,


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